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At Integrity Real Estate Solutions, we are here to help our clients find the best possible solution to their current situation.  We are a faith-based and family owned company, and we guarantee to go above and beyond in order to best meet your needs!  We are here for the people who put their trust in us, and will be open and honest with you throughout the entire process.  We want to get to know you and how we can best help you – so give us a call today to discuss your real estate needs.

Are you going through a difficult situation, and need to sell your home quickly for cash?   Maybe you’re facing a possible foreclosure, or going through divorce, or have a property that you don’t have the funds to repair before selling.  Perhaps you inherited a property and need to sell it quickly before expenses accumulate.  These are delicate life situations, and we are here to help take some of the burden off of an already challenging time.  Let us make selling your home fast and painless for you with a quick, all cash offer.  If you feel overwhelmed and need help, give us a call today.  Our compassionate and caring staff will discuss your needs with you, and let you know within 24 hours how we can best help you.  

Owner:  Michelle Elizabeth Oppelt

Integrity Real Estate Solutions, LLC is owned and operated by Michelle Elizabeth Oppelt.  Michelle is a professional real estate investor with experience.  After finishing college at Rutgers University where she majored in Bio-Science, Michelle formed her first two successful companies in New Jersey between the years of 2007 and 2012, which are still in operation today. Michelle has always had a true passion for both real estate as well as helping others, which led to the formation of her third company, Integrity Real Estate Solutions, LLC.  Integrity R.E.S. focuses on finding win-win-win solutions for home owners, investment property buyers, as well as the community as a whole.  Sellers are provided with a way to quickly close on their home with a full-cash offer, buyers can find great investment properties for their next rehab project or to build their rental portfolios, and the community gains properties that are fixed up and brought back to their full potential.  Contact Michelle today to find the perfect real estate solutions for you!

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